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Who will control the food supply? And other hard questions

A family with well-protected property rights (including, ideally, NO property tax), a good set of reference books, essential tools, a patch of relatively good ground, a little pasture, some heirloom seeds, some woods, relatively clean air, an adequate source of potable water, a few chickens, goats, rabbits, and some honey bees can live quite well with very little money. They can also feed a number of other people. Add a few good weapons and some ammunition and they can also hunt and protect themselves and their animals.

Moreover, the food they all eat will be nutritious and free of anything significantly injurious to their health and well-being. Sure there will be some dangers and risks, but these are low and can be kept to a minimum. And while a lot of hard work is required, it is doable, even for a small family, with time to spare for creating, reading, studying, playing, and socializing.

Of course, not everyone will choose this sort of life, and that is as it should be. However, it is a tried and true way of life to resort to during an economic crisis, one that will practically ensure the survival of individuals, the survival of others who turn to them for help, and the survival of a moral culture.

Most people, when given some information on these matters, even those who don’t live on a small farm and have no desire to, want healthy, nutritious food grown from seeds and plants with genes evolved through natural means, not by manipulation in the laboratory, at the micro-level of genetic material, and without excessive doses of toxic pesticides. They want nutritious food from naturally born animals that live in a healthy outdoor environment, eat what nature intended, and are spared from constant dosing with antibiotics, hormones, and toxic pesticides (through their feed).

This is a very intelligent desire. And it is also a reasonable one. It is quite possible to grow plenty of food for everyone, at an affordable price, in a manner in keeping with these natural principles. When necessary, people are even willing to pay a little more for groceries. And there are an increasing number of people willing to run larger-scale farms to help meet the increasing demand. Many people are growing their own, when and where they are able.

Meanwhile, there are too many in government acting in collusion with corrupt corporations, and they are pushing the other way, hard, sometimes openly, often stealthily. Why? Return on “investment”? Power? Status? The blind machinations of bureaucracy? But could there also be an even more nefarious reason?

To centralize control of most land, food, air, water, fuel, weapons, vehicles, and movement of individuals is to ensure the ability of a few to control most of humankind, in every aspect of life.

What is necessary to achieve this level of centralization?

1. A United Nations designed to undermine the sovereignty of individual nations (see below)

2. Corrupt officials at the highest levels of all the major countries and of the largest corporations

3. Central banks controlled by corrupt officials and their corporate cronies; fiat currency; artificially controlled interest rates; entitlement programs, i.e. food stamps, unemployment insurance, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.; an income tax

4. A docile, compliant people who are drugged by doctors; dumbed-down and de-moralized by compulsory, collective schools; overworked by necessity owing to a struggling economy; and overstimulated by purulent media preying upon these created vulnerabilities

5. A steady flow of “news” stories designed to convey an underlying message that independent individualists (even if they revere and support real community) are old-school and frightening and that collectives (even forced ones) are cool and comforting, not to mention far more stylish

6. A means to disarm, thoroughly identify, and survey the remaining individualists and to crush any defiance: staged attacks and shootings; UN Treaties; weapons bans; registries; national ID cards, with biometric identifiers; issuing licenses to illegal immigrants (to bio-identify them and to make it easier for them to vote)

7. A means to control the food supply, access to medical care, fertility, comfort, and mobility–essential elements in the daily life of a “free” individual: Constant oversight and interference (including paying bribes in the form of subsidies) from the USDA and FDA; genetically engineered, patented seeds protected from the jurisdiction of courts; cloud seeding using poisons that contaminate the air, ground, and water; fluoridated water supplies (fluoride is a potent neurotoxin); nationalized health care systems or the equivalent (ObamaCare); easy, promoted abortions; genetically engineered foods that cause sterility in animals and humans, not to mention immune disorders; vaccines that cause miscarriages, infant deaths, brain damage, and immune dysfunction; false data and created hysteria about climate change and global warming to push prices for gasoline, oil, and electricity so high that individuals will lose not only comfort but also mobility; a massive electronic surveillance system, including drones and the “legal” authorization to disappear and assassinate citizens; a militarized police force and an enormous federal police force hoarding ammunition and amassing equipment and facilities

8. High property taxes, zoning, EPA regulations, and low interest rates: If one must pay property tax one can never really own a property; property taxes and regulations push people off the land; restrictive zoning and regulations restrict ability to use land efficiently and for growing food and fuel; interest rates held so low that savers are punished and retirees forced to take excessive risks and possibly to spend their principle, thus impoverishing them and ensuring they cannot pass wealth to the next generation

9. Constant meddling in the affairs of other nations, at great cost, in blood and treasure, to our own people and to the people of other nations, ensuring the steady growth of the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned of

10. Perpetuation of the artificially created War-on-Drugs ensuring a steady flow of money through drug trafficking to clandestine operations in government and corporations and ensuring a large proportion of the population is imprisoned and held back from their potential

Sadly, I am certain to be leaving out a number of other significant horrors . . . as if this list isn’t awful enough.

Lamentably, this is the world we live in. Is it an accident? Is it simply the application of the law of unintended consequences to the well-intended meddling of a lot of good people with terrible ideas? Is it merely the crude patchwork of moronic politicians easily swayed and bought? Is it a conspiracy of the power-elite, drunk with arrogance and power and determined to have their eugenics, their excesses, and a lion’s share of resources? Is it all of the above?

Whatever it is, it isn’t good.

Whatever it is, it isn’t easy to stop.

Whatever it is, the brunt of it has not hit most people yet.

What can we do, through peaceful means, to stop it?

Here’s a collection of supporting information. I hope to add to it over time. I know of many more relevant articles and sites but I am too tired tonight to locate and link to all of them. Many of these first few are just the ones I happened to have open today. Please do your own research and see where it leads.





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