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Earl Ray Tomblin – Governor, we are counting on you to protect us

My sister passed along an email from the West Virginia Campaign for Liberty this morning that was urging calls to governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s office regarding the desire to be excluded from participation in the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” ObamaCare.

I called the governor’s office right away to ask about the status of West Virginia’s actions in this regard and to voice my opinion, but the person I spoke with had no information to offer, except to basically say it was still under consideration and that they were accepting comments.

She claimed she would pass along my views, but offered little reassurance they would be taken seriously. Thus, I decided to write a quick letter, hoping it might have a greater impact.

If you are a resident of West Virginia with the same or similar views on this matter, I hope you, too, will call or, preferably, write the governor’s office right away. Please feel free to use excerpts from my letter, if doing so would make it a less daunting task. The text is below.

Here is some background:

Here is the Contact Us page from Governor Tomblin’s website:

If you are not a fellow Mountaineer, please check with your own governor to see where your state stands. First, you may wish to consult the Nullification legislation tracking maps available here:

Here’s the letter:

Dear Governor Tomblin:

The Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare – is a gross violation of individual liberties, not to mention horrible policy that will undermine what remains of our private health care industry. I urge you to decline state participation by whatever means are available to you.

In fact, I would hope that you might suggest that the legislature act to “Nullify” what is, notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s dubious ruling on the matter, unconstitutional legislation. Here is model nullification legislation, making it easy to move quickly:

As Governor of West Virginia, it is your duty to protect citizens from federal abuse of power. One of the most egregious examples of the potential for abuse lies in provision 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act. I urge you to support our West Virginia legislature in adopting a Liberty Preservation Act. Here is model legislation for this:

Will you stand idly by while our unalienable rights are trampled? Or will you show real leadership and take a stand against these violations? West Virginia can be among those states leading the way in protecting citizens’ rights–all citizens!:

That a majority of voting West Virginians declined to support President Obama in the general election should be a clear indication to you that West Virginians prefer freedom to an oppressive nanny-state. Our state motto, Montani Semper Liberi (Mountaineers are always free, offers unequivocal guidance on this matter.

I would also urge to you to look at the number of signatures on the (symbolic-only, yes, but it makes an important statement) petition for West Virginia to secede without aggressive response from the federal government. Thus far, it has 7290 signatures, this despite attempts by media, left and right, to make people afraid or ashamed to sign it. I, for one, was neither afraid nor ashamed. When one is being abused, one has a right to peacefully withdraw from that abuse. Few would deny a battered wife or child such an exit; in principle, morally, federal abuse of citizens is the same as one individual abusing another.

But it is not necessary for West Virginia to secede. You and the legislature already possess the ability to protect citizens. Let us hope you and they will consider the gravity of the situation and take the necessary action to Nullify any and all federal attempts to abuse the citizens of West Virginia by infringing on their unalienable rights.

Isn’t Nullification a tool of racists and segregationists? The answer is a resounding NO! And here’s why:

Governor, we are counting on you to protect us.


Gretchen Myers

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