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Obama and Romney Abysmal on Civil Liberties

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“Please feel free to forward this to friends and family if you are so inclined.
The individual we choose to serve as our president will likely prove essential with regard to the civil liberties of every American. At issue . . .

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Provision 1021, signed by President Obama, that allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens, at home or abroad, without due process.

On assassinating American citizens without due process:

HR-347, signed by President Obama, that makes it a criminal offense to protest near an individual protected by the Secret Service, whether or not the “offender” knows the individual is present:

CISPA (newer more oppressive version of SOPA) with some provisions devised to quell political speech on the internet: (CISPA passed the House and has moved to the Senate)

The continuation of the War on Drugs:

Protection of rights to own, trade, and defend private property:
[Consider a recent increase in invasions and seizures by corporate or government entities (Monsanto & GMOs, EPA, FDA–organic produce and raw milk and cheese–etc.)]

Federal mandate to purchase health insurance included in the ACA:
-President Obama: Supports
-Mitt Romney: Says he would repeal but his Massachusetts version is the model for the mandate in ACA
-Ron Paul: Opposes

It should be noted that President Obama signed the NDAA and HR347. He recently ordered the assassination of American Citizens without correct due process. Federal agencies staffed by Obama appointees are raiding and destroying small farms and businesses, in the name of protecting the environment or consumers. President Obama has claimed he will not sign CISPA but said the same (early on) about NDAA. Obama recently indicated he would not support action to end the War on Drugs, despite a push in that direction from several leaders of Latin American countries. Mitt Romney has said he would have signed NDAA with provision 1021; his positions seem to be akin to those of President Obama on most other issues as well:

It is important to know that Ron Paul is the only candidate to oppose all of the above; moreover, he is vocal and principled in his opposition and has been so for years. It should also be noted he opposed the PATRIOT act and the invasion of Iraq. Here is one democrat’s view of Paul re. Civil Liberties: And here’s the ACLU (Paul ranks higher than Obama and far higher than Romney):  (For the record, the ACLU’s ranking system is skewed toward “leftist-progressive-democrat” philosophy.)

On many issues Paul was not rated high because he does not believe in government interference in these matters (simply that individuals are free to decide for themselves) and because he opposes abortion (but not morning-after pill or contraception; he only opposes federal funding of these).

Where Obama or Romney stand on homeschooling is not clear. Ron Paul is an open and staunch advocate for local control of education and for homeschooling.”

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